Western Stained Glass & Mosaics

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Western Stained Glass 8'x18'Contemporary Western Stained Glass 23' Wide

Marchione Studios is skilled and experienced in many styles of Western Contemporary stained glass and mosaics
On this page we feature our contemporary and traditional styles

Traditional Stained GlassContemporary Art Stained Glass

Our custom western contemporary stained and faceted glass art designs can be simple or complex

Venetian Contemporary Mosaic ArtFaceted Glass 13'x25'

Examples of our detailed western contemporary mosaic and faceted glass art above- Click image for larger view

Traditional Stained GlassContemporary Mosaic 11'

Our work is our signature and Marchione Studios has experience in many
styles and formats for Western Contemporary stained glass and mosaic

Contemporary Western Stained GlassContemporary Western Stained Glass

Marchione Studios offers the client a unique quality in our contemporary, traditional western designs as we do
all the design work and installation. We submit design ideas and proposals without obligation.
We assure a continuous, reliable standard of excellence in all our work.


Let us quote your next Contemporary, Western or Traditional Stained Glass, Faceted Glass or Mosaic project. Give us a call at 330.454.7408 or contact us online now.